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The FaceView Mask™ is important for communication, for seeing the entire facial expression, especially a reassuring smile.

"Children can be very anxious at the dental office for a lot of understandable reasons, but part of that anxiety is around not being able to see the dentist and the staff member's face. The challenge is taken away with the FaceView Mask™. Children could see the face of the dentist, see the face of the staff member." - Dr. Jeff Woods, DDS

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The current opaque surgical masks cover the lower face limiting visual and auditory communication and increase the possibility of miscommunication.

Miscommunication can be a serious cause of error.

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Using a prototype of the FaceView Mask™, Dr. Samuel Atcherson completed a study on the effectiveness of the mask for patients with hearing loss.

“For the group of people with severe to profound hearing loss, that made the biggest difference. Being able to see someone’s lips move can provide greater access and understanding, even if you can’t read lips. For the two groups with hearing loss, being able to see lips moving reduces the fatigue factor. You use less energy trying to understand what someone is saying.” - Dr. Samuel Atcherson


I love my FaceView Mask and so do my patients! It is comfortable to wear for long periods, breathable and no fogging make communication much more pleasant! Grateful for Faceview as a smile goes along way to help my patients feel more comfortable and at ease. 

Cori T.

Sometimes the little things matter the most. During this time of COVID-19 it is important to have a mask to protect us and others, especially the sick. Unfortunately my mother was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease about 7 years ago. In that time her ability to speak has diminished significantly to the point now of a whisper. When she wears a regular mask it is impossible for her to communicate.  Fortunately, with FaceView Mask we are able to read her lips and keep her protected at the same time. We are so grateful that this product is available!  


I was so excited to get my FaceView Mask last week!  I wore it while running some errands then out to dinner and I was so pleased that people could understand what I was saying.

Carol G.

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