The FaceView Mask

We believe a face mask should be a barrier to infection, not communication.

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I love my FaceView Mask and so do my patients! It is comfortable to wear for long periods, breathable and no fogging make communication much more pleasant! Grateful for Faceview as a smile goes along way to help my patients feel more comfortable and at ease. 



Wearing the FaceView Mask instantly made me feel much more connected and part of life around me. Because the window on the mask shows my facial expressions, accurate communication with others dramatically improved.


Director of Operations

In my profession, human connection could not be more important. Whether patient or employee, connecting with a smile is not something easily replaced or fabricated. It is our connection to one another that brings true healing and empowerment. While masks certainly change our exposure, they don’t have to change our connection! Grateful for this product and how it breaks through the barriers and allows a personal connection all the while keeping us safe.


General Manager, Emerging Categories for Kohler Company

Finally, a mask for humanity!


Love how it doesn't fog up!


I was so excited to get my FaceView Mask last week! I wore it while running some errands then out to dinner and I was so pleased that people could understand what I was saying. This is a photo of us outside while it was snowing - no fogging whatsoever. Best of all – I could wear lipstick again without smudges. What a great product Jeanne Hahne!


QMHA, Supportive Education Specialist with Options of Southern Oregon

I love that I was able to follow up my words with nonverbal communication while working with my clients. My clients struggle with Mental Health issues and need a lot of nonverbal communication to reassure them. Having the ability to see my smile  matches the kind gentle tone I am using is very helpful for the work we do together.


I love this mask!  I have so many people tell me that they have relatives who have hearing issues and rely on lip reading. This would make life easier for them. Teachers tell this is needed in schools and children look at me with amazed expressions and then smile. I have received more compliments on the mask. It’s necessary not just because of the pandemic but in everyday situations when there is a health concern.
Love it!


Be safe and communicate!